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Belief work is the essential tool we use in ThetaHealing® to get to the root of the problem to be addressed. This work is done through a process of inquiry in which we guide the client through basic questions.

In the course of in-depth research we will practice a lot to obtain a solid base of this tool, you will receive advice that will help you feel more secure at the moment you do a session with yourself or with a client. If we don’t dig deeper on believes to get to the root problem, in ourselves or in our client, changes are likely to be temporary and may even prevent a true healing from occurring.

In this course you will learn

  • To improve your basic digging technique
  • To carry out diggings with security
  • 8 different ways to Dig Deeper and how to apply it

Prerequisite: BASIC DNA AND ADVANCED DNA courses completed

Includes: Certificate with international curricular value and manual.

Duration: 2 consecutive days or 3 consecutive afternoons

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