This is my story

Hi, my name is Margot Partridge and I am a therapist.

After many years of struggling in life, I realized that the root of these struggles come from the many traumatic experiences I had during my childhood and adolescence.

After this realization, I started my search for techniques that would help me heal these traumas, which in time would help me to lead a happier and healthier life.

After trying out many different healing techniques I started to get better and better, and I realized that my life purpose was to help others to heal themselves.

Only the thought of it filled me with joy !

So, I started my search for the perfect healing technique.

I began with an intuitive study of the Chakras and learned a Chakra regression technique, after that I studied Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistics Programming(NLP). Though these are very good techniques.

I only felt like I had found what I needed when I learned about the ThetaHealing® technique.

Theta Healing ® is the fastest and most direct way for me to help people to heal;

to show them how they can actively influence themselves, and to help them find their own path to happiness and freedom.

I want to meet Margot
As Mahatma Gandhi says: “ In doing something, do it with love, or never do it at all.”

That is my philosophy, because I really love helping people to lead happier lives!

I can help


ThetaHealing creates a positive lifestyle. ThetaHealing is a complementary technique to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

The cognitive hypnotherapy technique can help you get control of problems or situations where you feel helpless, blocked, paralyzed and afraid.

The tradition of the Oracle or also known as Tarot goes back to the times of ancient Egypt and probably has to do with the teachings of the Pythagoreans.

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